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Kermitment - A Muppets Podcast

Jan 25, 2024

This week: more Muppet Babies, but more importantly, the thing you really come to this podcast for: Gozilla and F1 talk!

Episodes covered: The Great Cookie Robbery, Out of This World History, Snow White and the Seven Muppets

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Jan 18, 2024

Believe it or not, it's been several months since we talked about Muppet Babies last, but somehow it feels like we never left that playroom... 

Episodes covered: Once Upon an Egg Timer, Piggy's Hyperactivity Book, Fozzie's Last Laugh

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Jan 12, 2024

If it's Jan 12, 2024 or earlier, that means you still have time to vote Kermitment in the 3rd Annual Muppetwt Awards!

This week, the boys cover a long-awaited piece of almost-lost Muppet media, ill-fated Saturday morning show Little Muppet Monsters. And no, youre ears don't decieve you, Tough Pigs owner and...