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Kermitment - A Muppets Podcast

Apr 29, 2024

We're still watching Fraggle Rock and hey... that's ok. Especailly when one of the things we watched this week is an extremly precscient episode that you would think was about AI if it hadn't come out almost 40 years ago! Pretty weird! 

Episodes covered: The Perfect Blue Rollie, A Brush With Jealousy, and Wembley's...

Apr 19, 2024

This week we find ourselves still at the bottom of a dank hole, surrounded by semi-intelligent, ratlike creatures that are always learning lessons about morality. Will we ever get out? And if we do, what will be waiting for us?

Episodes covered: Uncle Matt's Discovery, Junior Faces the Music, and A Tune for Two


Apr 12, 2024

We're back in Fraggle Rock for the penultimate season, and we ain't alone: Fraggle Rock writer Sugith Varughese is back to talk to us about his experience writing the episode Sprocket's Big Adventure! This one's a corker!

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Apr 4, 2024

Kermitment has made its third trip around the sun, and to celebrate we're answering questions from viewers like you!

But that's not all! We're going back in time, all the way to 1969, to watch a piece of Henson media we skipped the first time through: weird-o TV movie The Cube!

Listen, won't you? You might just learn...